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Existentialism and Logotherapy

Existentialism may sound scary to some, but it is comprised of 4 basic tenants that we all, at some point or another, have to confront. Isolation (vs Togetherness), Responsibility (vs Freedom), Meaningfulness (vs Meaninglessness) and ultimately Death (vs Life). If and when you find yourself wrestling with one or more of these, existential therapy helps you to conquer anxiety with thoughtfulness, presence and becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable.  Logotherapy is a school of thought that believes that finding meaning, especially during dark times, can be a solution to suffering.

Trauma-Informed DBT/ACT

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy teaches us how to hold two opposing truths at the same time and is design to provide skills for regulating intense emotions. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy allows us to explore your own self-talk around events and decide whether certain events need to be acted on, to be accepted and if behavioral changes need to be made.

Exposure and Response Prevention - ERP therapy

With ERP, we work together to slowly and compassionately identify and confront the thoughts and situations that create anxiety and learn through controlled exposures to build trust within yourself that when triggered, your mind and body can come back to homeostasis naturally (by widening your window of tolerance).


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is most well known for it's work with PTSD symptoms and other emotionally disturbing memories that you may need to work through. The therapy is often brief, 3-6 sessions on average and a very efficient way to process traumatic events that were unable to be processed when they happened.

My Approach

There are few things I believe stunt the excitement and vastness of the human experience more than toxic shame, lack of self-compassion and an unrelenting life of anxious worry.

Maybe you are at the beginning of your therapy journey, slowly awakening to ways in which your current way of thinking and being is no longer serving you, or possibly our time together will be a continuation of the work you have already started. Either way, I am honored to be a part of your healing journey with goal of greater self-love, better relationships and a sense of meaning.


You are ultimately the expert in what you need, and I want to support you with a mindfulness approach that, when needed, can offer challenges to promote growth in the areas you want help growing in. Thank you for showing up for yourself and trusting me to join you in this time of learning.

My Approach
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